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    heeee, soo.. I just got banned and the reason was griefeng..
    I don’t really agree with ‘griefing’ its more like.. griefing is destroying someones base.. The thing I did is took stuff out of someone’s base: raiding, and I understand now that i’m not allowed to do that.. the thing is.. I didn’t knew this before. well this is my story: I’m on this server now for 2 days I think.. I did not read the rules.. soo.. I know you have to claim your stuff to protect it from raiding.. so I though this is a server where people raid on.. I found this base… and I was able to get stuff from it so I did.. and ye.. I didn’t know I wasn’t allowed.. I know noww.. but now is to late.. hehe ;-;.. buuutt a day later this guy came to me and he told me he saw me taking that stuff.. I went for lunch and shut my chat off.. well that was dumb, if I didn’t do that I did not had to write this and I just could have explained it all to that guy (I think he was a admin or something) well.. later I got banned.. soo what I’m trying to say is that I know NOW that I’m not allowed to raid and I would like to change this ban into a warning.. I won’t raid because I know now that I’m not allowed to.. give me this change to have fun on this server with my friends.. WITHOUT raiding ofcourse.. thanks anyway for reading this.. I now it’s your job to ban people for this but still.. if I can come back on the server.. the first thing I will do is read the rules..
    greeting misssamantha (btw I’m happy to give his stuff back)



    Unfortunately, not reading the rules isn’t exactly an excuse for one’s actions. Rules are the basis for any server, and FTB is not an exception, so reading them should always be a given. This is especially emphasized by the four gigantic signs at spawn that tell you to read the rules. You can’t help but pass them anyways.
    Secondly, Griefing is any act in which an inconvenience is caused to a player by another. Your theft of items inconvenienced the player. Picking at colloquial differences will not change their implicit definitions.
    Finally, while somewhat irrelevant to the issue at hand, if you are going to explain things as you are, it would be best to explain it more thoroughly, accurately, and write in a less arduous manner. Reading this is difficult due to the punctuation, so it’s hard for a moderator or admin to make an accurate judgement.

    As far as I can understand, you found Hippybass’ base, and proceeded to loot from it. He sent a report in, and you did not admit fault until after the ban, using “it was unprotected” as the excuse.

    Honestly, if you really did misunderstand things due to protected and unprotected area, then that’s something that can be looked past.
    While I may not be a mod, myself, I’d say a few more hours or a day of being banned is in order, and then follow up with an unban.



    Its was a misunderstanding, and I didn’t know that he reported me, I didn’t know that the admin was telling me that I would get banned for this because once again, I shut my chat off and went for lunch.. but yes, I know that I can’t raid or grief.. and I will apologize to hippybass if I get unbannned.. but I’m just waiting for the admin to make his judgment..




    You do not have the right to come on and pass JUDGMENT on that players, it’s NOT your right to do so.
    It’s up to the Admins or Mods to pass judgement.
    I have played with Misssamantha the other day, and she and her friend were a joy to play with.
    I see that Misssamantha was banned for taking items, but she has said that she is sorry, and i THINK she could be a worth while player to give a second chance for she could be a value member of this server.

    Yours sincerely

    Matt MintyIce69 Turner.



    And before you tell me… i KNOW that my spelling is Crap.. Quamtumkitty…!


    Evil K9

    MissSamantha: I appreciate that you’ve come here and written out your story. You’ve taken the proper action, and it’s while clear that you didn’t read the rules, I can see that you are now aware of them. We at MCNSA consider raiding under the same category as griefing. In this community we’re friendly, we do our best to get along, and help each other out.

    Unbanned. Welcome back.



    Hi all,
    Only just seen this post. I not sure it was me that reported griefing (at least not intentionally) but some presses and xp were missing from my base.

    It’s not a problem. I just reached out to the guys on chat and got some more presses so everything is OK.

    That’s how I got the presses in the first place. Welcome MissSamantha and remember, if you need something ask in chat.
    If i have some spare I’m happy to share.

    Glad you have been unbanned. Enjoy the servers.




    Just remember to follow the rules and have a good time.

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