What’s New


The good ol’ blue Altarboy rank is back. Once again you’ll see players progress from white Guest, blue Altarboy, and then yellow Priest. Remember to make the new folks feel at home 🙂

World Border

The world border will start at the 5k’s, and will grow by 1000 blocks to match the top number of concurrent players on the server. So if 10 players are on together today, the border will grow to 10k in each direction, but not shrink ever. This means if you want a world border to make it to 50k, you’ll need to encourage 50 people to get on the server together! Of course, the max border possible is still 60k in each direction.

Tiered Towns

Towns can achieve different tiers with different perks. You are encouraged to build your own settlements and actually make them look decent. Paths, fountains, common areas, and purpose-built buildings are encouraged. These requirements and perks are still under development, but should give you a few goals. Remember when you choose your location for a town, to give your self room for growth without bumping into any neighbors!

Tier 1:

  • Requirements:
    • Must have a “rule board”, this is entirely up to the town owner, can’t conflict with server rules
    • Town must have a “theme” (ie Western, Medieval, Beach), again this is entirely up the owner/mayor
    • Have at least 1 “public” building (i.e. Town Hall)
    • Have at least 2 primary residents (not including mayor)
    • Each player can only have 1 “primary residence” when it comes to counting towards town qualification
    • Must have a residence within the town that follows the rules/theme of said town
  • Perks:
    • Worldguard message when entering/exiting the town
    • A sign in the “Town Directory” at spawn (if you want it)
    • Worldguarded region that doesn’t count against your claim blocks
    • A potion effect within the town limits, such as jump boost, speed, etc.

Tier 2:

  • Requirements:
    • Have at least 3 public buildings, (Town Hall, Blacksmith, Bakery, etc) and 1 statue/fountain of some sort (not a thing like a public “mine” or “farm”, needs to be an actual structure”)
    • Have at Least 5 primary residents not including mayor
  • Perks:
    • Gets a warp at spawn that only members can use (or a /warp that only members can use)
    • Better potion/beacon effect within the region
    • Bigger WorldGuard Region

Tier 3:

  • Requirements:
    • A warp pad where people can go to/from spawn from within the town
    • Have at least 5 buildings and at least 1 “shop” that is run by a player inside the town ( i.e. emeralds for bread or the like)
    • Have at least 9 primary residents not including mayor
  • Perks:
    • Warp pad to and from spawn that anyone can use
    • 2 Potion effects within the region at the same “level” as Tier 2
    • BIGGER WorldGuard Region

New Donor Perk To Be Announced!