MCNSA is as much a family as it is a community. We are a very friendly and fun loving group of people that are welcome to have you join us. Aside from that however, MCNSA has a few features that make it really stand out from the rest of the crowd even more. MCNSA is a  PG-13 community. There WILL be “foul” language, and offensive topics in chat.

What’s DMZ? Where has SDot gone?

DMZ is the new home of SDot. DMZ was created by old MCNSA players who decided to part ways with MCNSA to start their own server. It was decided that DMZ would join back into the MCNSA family for the 1.13 update and become the new home for SDot as the main MCNSA team were more focused on the FTB server rather than the vanilla server. DMZ is run by a great team who have a passion for providing new and exciting things to the vanilla world. DMZ’s mission as they put it is:

To create a Minecraft-oriented community based on simple principles: we value integrity and behaving decently, and we reward these things with trust and openness. We don’t like bullies and we won’t tolerate heavy-handed trollishness very long, but we won’t lose our sense of humor over it. We won’t put up with staff abusing power at the expense of player experience, but we ask that you are patient and respectful in return.

Random Nonsense Gamers

Remember Levantine, Altimeter, Dantao, or any of the other old school MCNSAers? They’ve started their own subsection of MCNSA known as Random Nonsense Gamers and have graciously started hosting multiple games for all!