MCNSA is as much a family as it is a community. We are a very friendly and fun loving group of people that are welcome to have you join us. Aside from that however, MCNSA has a few features that make it really stand out from the rest of the crowd even more. MCNSA is a  PG-13 community. There WILL be “foul” language, and offensive topics in chat.

Random Nonsense Gamers

Remember Levantine, Altimeter, Dantao, or any of the other old school MCNSAers? They’ve started their own subsection of MCNSA known as Random Nonsense Gamers and have graciously started hosting multiple games for all!


One of the defining features of MCNSA’s server network is the linked chat between each server. Through our server’s custom made chat plugin, players are able to communicate with other players between the servers if they so choose.

You can see what server a player is on from the color of the channel name: Survival, FTB: Crackpack, FTB: Infinity Evolved Skyblock, and MCNSA Premium.



Altimeter Ereh_Dogon Evil_K9 fusty Geo54321
maboughey netjunky nsanidy RedBullWasTaken TheRedHulk


atlasrune BBonif BeefyJerk Brek Dell_The_Engie
dotlizard DuckyMQ greypo Hazrock JudgeAnderson
KeyOfRed lazyguy64 Leonheart515 Megleris MicahJReid
myrto nathanielwise Neon_parrot2 Olarin Polarisknife
RexStronger RogueHaven RowanSpirit sugarmuffin thehazz
_Tiamat_ Tsubino XeonProductions xMonster808x

Ranks & Perks

What’s with the ranks?

Well, we’re not really religious. The names of our ranks are mostly in satire, and in praise of our God, nsanidy, our founder and leader in spirit. It’s quite a big deal when he stops by the server to chat! With each rank up, you get a few more fun and useful commands. How do you rank up? Play! Follow the rules, enjoy our server, and get to know us. Ranks are earned and come with time.

Expand each rank to read a brief summary of it, and the extra commands they come with! A detailed breakdown of all available commands can be found here.


Color: Gray. Sad, boring gray.

What it means: You dun goofed.

Abilities: Pretty much nothing. You’re gonna need to earn your way out of this one.


Color: White.

What it means: You’re pretty new. We’re still getting to know you.

Abilities: /near, /pvptoggle, All the basic stuff. You can set a home, and a bed.


Color: Blue.

What it means: Ok then, you’ve built something, and haven’t upset us. Yet.

Abilities: /Skyblock, and the ability to use [XPKeeper] signs, AND access to the Games world! /warp games. You can set 2 homes, and a bed.


Color: Yellow. (I know, hard to read, right? Looks nicer in game…)

What it means: You’ve done well so far.

Abilities: /tpa, /tpatoggle, /kit onefuckinggrassblock, /seen, /backpack (1 row). You can set 3 homes, and a bed. You can also break spawners with a diamond pickaxe to get a matching mob spawn egg. A new spawner is craftable using this egg, but at a hefty price! It’s much cheaper to leave the spawner in place and build a grinder around it, if that’s what you’re going for.


Color: Orange.

What it means: You’re doing awesome stuff!

Abilities: /tpahere, /workbench, /backpack (2 rows), /back, AND access to the Creative world! /warp creative. You can set 5 homes, and a bed.


Color: Teal.

What it means: You’ve stuck around, and put up with our shenanigans for quite some time now.

Abilities: /back to death points, /backpack (3 rows). You can set 7 homes, and a bed.


Color: Pink.

What it means: You’ve been here for a looooong time. You must be really awesome!

Abilities: /enderchest, /backpack (4 rows). You can set 9 homes, and a bed.


Color: Purple.

What it means: This rank is reserved specifically for former Saints (moderators). They’ve served the community honorably, and deserve a break. Now they just want to have fun! Watch out… they have some extra abilities and can be quite sneaky…

Abilities: /fly, /god, /vanish, /tp, /backpack (5 rows). You can set 11 homes, and a bed.


Color: Aqua.

What it means: Moderator. The Templars really trust you. You’re mature, helpful, and responsible.

Abilities: All the special moderatory stuff. I’m willing to bet there’s a special forum page that tells you more. You can set 13 homes, and a bed.


Color: Neon green.

What it means: Admin. For some reason, even though you cry yourself to sleep at night, and drown your sorrows in alcohol, you keep coming back for more verbal abuse.

Abilities: Can afk for 24 hours or more, enter the wrong command and erase a server, can follow and participate in 13 conversations simultaneously, can fix any issue with the server, as long as by “fix” you mean “delete.”


New! Backpacks!

Aliases: /bp, /purse, /bag, /napsack, /satchel