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Plugins are pretty limited so far, but we’ve got something! We’re using Rainbow (a modded server) which has its very own plugins. We WILL switch to Sponge when it becomes available and has the minimal amount of plugins. We’ll probably lose a few settings when we do that switch. You’ll just need to redo things like homes, locked chests or doors… that sort of thing.

Here’s what we DO have:

  • Lockable chests/doors/furnaces – click it with a sign
  • /coords
  • /home, /sethome, /delhome  (2 homes)
  • /ignore
  • /mail
  • /motd
  • /rules
  • /spawn
  • /suicide
  • /marry, /divorce
  • /wild
  • /rsort
  • The above plus
  • 3 homes
  • /tpa, /tptoggle
  • /ec – mobile ender chest
  • The above plus
  • 5 homes
  • /tpahere
  • The above plus
  • 7 homes
  • /back
  • /warp
  • /jemote – text “emoticons”
  • /throw -riders
  • The above plus
  • 9 homes
  • /hat
  • /ride
  • /jot – just like /seen
  • The above plus
  • 11 homes
  • other goodies 🙂
Protecting Chests / Furnaces

Owner’s sign:
Friend1 – optional
Friend2 – optional

If you want to make the block be accessible by more people, put another sign on the block and type:

If you want to edit a sign, you have to SHIFT+Right click on the sign with empty hand.
It will say that the sign is selected.
Now you can use /rcl edit <line> (text)
Note: You can’t change the [Users],[Private] and owner.

Right click a sign onto the side.

Right click a sign onto the side.

Doors: (Note: this currently doesn’t work)
You can have a special line on the door: [Close:(seconds)]
Example: [Close:3] << This line will make sure that the door will close after 3 seconds.
This line MUST be on the owner’s sign (starting with [Private])


New Website, Upcoming Map

We’ve been extreeeemely busy behind the scenes. Some of you wonder why I’m in game and afk so much. Well, the website is pretty much the reason. We’ve imported the forums into the new forum here, your user accounts too! You’ll find the login at the bottom of the page. Just use the same credentials you always did. Please don’t be concerned about the lack of color on your username on the forums. At the moment we have no way to properly color them by rank. In the meantime you can edit your own profile and input your rank there. That will show under your name on your forum posts. To get your avatar/icon to appear, sign up at using the same email address as you have registered on our forums here. Upload your avatar there, and set it to a G rating. After a few minutes it will show up here!

The new map is fantastic! I’m so excited about what the team has created for you so far. BeefyJerk, MaskedPotato, BBonif, and Geo have been working really hard for a very long time to create some amazing things for us to play in, on, and around. You may have noticed some screenshots on the main page 🙂

Trust me when I say I can’t wait to bring this map to the main server! But due to the habits of the undesirables, we can’t bring it over yet until we can protect it. It’d be a shame for any of the things that they’ve spent months on perfecting to be ruined 🙁