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Changes to ranks incoming

Hello everyone!

You may have heard some rumours about the future of MCNSA, Some of them may be true! MCNSA and DMZ are merging which means there will be some changes in the way things run.

DMZ will be taking over the survival server. They are a great team and will bring new and exciting things to our server. The MCNSA team will be running the FTB server as normal. As is our way, your rank will be the same across the servers. If you are both a DMZ player and a MCNSA player, Your highest rank will be your rank.

The main change you will see is the ranks. The details are below:



The time-out rank. This player screwed up, majorly. They are probably in jail. They have NO perms. This is a temporary rank, while Psi and Omega come to a resolution for the player. This rank was previously Peon.


Guest rank. This is the same as the Guest rank. This player is brand-new to the server, and only has very basic perms. They cannot leave spawn until they prove that they can understand basic English and agree to follow our rules. At that point, they are automatically ranked up to Mu (without Staff intervention needed) and allowed to explore the server.


New player. This is a the Altar Boy rank. They have /tpaccept and /tpdeny, but not /tpa and /tpahere.


Moderate level player. Was previously MCNSA’s Priest rank. Kappa is the “fun stuff” rank! It gains many toys (heads, parrots, kittycannon, /tpa, /tpahere) and is meant to be held for a while.


Advanced level player. This is a merging of our previous Elder and Cardinal ranks. This rank is gaining /ptime, disposal signs and /warps, but is otherwise remaining the same. Players who were previously Elder get a free promotion to Zeta.


Senior level player. Was previously Bishop. They will have /fly and Level 1 WorldEdit perms which will allow them to turn dirt into grass, fix water, drain water, and locally download schematics of their selection (using position, //copy then //download). They’re not able to //paste and they will not be able to give themselves materials they didn’t earn the survival way. They may also earn the ability to have Level 2 WorldEdit (all worldedit perms) in Creative world

Phi (pronounced Fi, rhymes with eye)

Retired Staff. Was previously Arch Bishop rank. Phi will still have many of the fun perks that they enjoyed before, without the responsibilities of a Staff member. They will have Creative mode, Adventure mode, and /god.self; they do not have Spectator or direct tp.

Chi (pronounced Kai, rhymes with eye)

Builders. This is a new Rank. Will have all of the tools they already used as Staff members. They are considered part of our Staff. Chis will be expected to use their tools wisely when it comes to community builds, but also they may use them for fun on their own builds. Equal to Psi, but focused on building while Psi will focus on player moderation. Chis should avoid player moderation unless there is an emergency and they need to /jail or /mute a player.

Psi (pronounced Si, like sigh)

Moderators. This was previously Saint rank. Equal to Chi, and has added commands that allow them to help and manage lower-ranked players. Has high standards against trolling and not making players feel helpless. Should monitor playerbase to enforce rules, suggest promotions, and respond to promotion requests. Should make thoughtful decisions while maintaining a fun and relaxed environment.


Admins. This is reserved only for the Admins of DMZ and MCNSA servers. These are the folks who maintain our plugins, our server space, and address issues via console access. On MCNSA, Omega previously had the rank Templar. When it comes to server issues, permbans, and spawn — they have the final say. Omegas have a lot of respect for the Staff members and everything they’ve put into our little Minecraft home, and we hold all Omegas to an impeccable standard. They will not troll or abuse any player, or do anything out of spite or personal differences.

Stats, Notes and Mod Requests

There has been some recent changes on the FTB server. Some of the old plugins we used to have are now back!
The notes plugin (which gave you /stats) has been refreshed and ported over to sponge! It does mean that stats have only been tracking for about a week or so.

ModReq is also back. It’s a custom written plugin loosely based on the ModReq plugin for bukkit.
It allows you to notify Mods when you need special assistance such as if you found a bug etc.
It will also notify the mods on discord so even if there’s no mods in game, you should get help a little bit faster.

New Commands:


Player Commands

  • /stats – View your stats

Moderator Commands

  • /notes, /viewnotes [page]- View notes on player
  • /deletenote, /nd – Delete note with id
  • /note, /n – write a note about a player
  • /recentnotes, /rn [page] – View all notes starting from the most recent note
  • /stats <player> – View <Player’s> stats



Player Commands

  • /modreq <message> – Create a new mod reqest
  • /modreq list – Show all your mod requests

Mod Commands

() Indicates alternative command

  • /modreq mod open(vo) – Displays open mod requests
  • /modreq mod claimed(vc) – Displays mod requests that you have claimed
  • /modreq mod claim(c) <id> – Claim a mod request
  • /modreq mod unclaim(uc) <id> – Unclaim a mod request
  • /modreq mod teleport(tp) <id> – Teleport to a mod request location
  • /modreq mod escalate(e) <message> – Escalate a request to an admin
  • /modreq mod close(cl) <id> [Message] – Close a mod request
  • /modreq mod get(g) <id> – View mod request by id

Admin Commands

  • /modreq admin – View all escalated mod requests

AoE server outage 15/12/17

What happened?

The server crashed due to an erroring chunk in the world. The server failed to restart after that crash.

Why didn’t the server restart itself?

I forgot to restart the monitoring script after the last server issue

How were things fixed?

The erroring chunks were rolled back from backup to a version that was working (about a day) which only affected one small area of the world.  The monitoring scripts were also restarted.

Updates on the server

After yesterday’s issue with the server, there have been a couple of changes:

1. Backups

Server backups are now back in place. Once every 3 hours there is a backup. They have been checked and they are working.

2. Forestry blocks

There is no way to change the existing errored blocks. The worldborder has however, been changed to 22,00 blocks wide (up from 16,000). You will be able to find new blocks outside of the old word border.


Debrief: Server Crashes 5th December

You may have noticed that the server was starting and stopping constantly earlier today.

So what happened?

There was a tile entity in the mining world that was causing the server to crash when it was started. Our monitoring services picked this up and kept trying to restart the server.

Fixing the error

The erroring tile entity was removed from the server once it was found.

Forestry blocks, what happened to them?

In the process of trying to find, and fix, the cause of the server crash a configuration option was enabled to allow the server to replace erroring tile entities automatically, this did not work however.
I am of the opinion that this option replaced the forestry blocks

Please generate new terrain to find new forestry blocks

But wheres your backups?

Due to the recent server move, there has been some issues with the backups due to using a different backup storage location. We are currently in the process of sorting these issues out.

What have we learnt from this?

  1. Our monitoring service works to restart the server when it is down
  2. We need to have a way to notify the relevant people when the monitors fail to restart the server
  3. The config option will never be used again
  4. We need to focus on getting backups working properly again.

A big thank you

I would like to take a minute to thank you all for making MCNSA the place that it is. An extra thank you goes to those who have supported the server and keep the lights on, without you, MCNSA would not still be running.

Unfortunately, due to life and studies, I am unable to visit and play on the server, but I have heard great things about the people that play on the server and make it what it is now.

I never thought that MCNSA would still be running. It’s been over 5 years since the server was started, not many servers last as long as we have. We have had many different heads of the server, each one bringing something new but, at the same time, keeping the core principles of the server alive. Life always happens, but MCNSA lives on thanks to those who step up to the mark.

You, the player, are the most important thing to the server, you, after all, are the community. Thanks to every one of you for making the community what it is.

It’s been nearly 2 years since I took over ownership of MCNSA. Even though I am not around, my role devolved to just paying the bills, I always like to keep track on what’s going on with the server.

I’d like to personally thank the admin staff for being there when I cannot. Without you guys, the server wouldn’t be updated and problems wouldn’t be solved.

To everyone, keep the server great and let’s see if we can get to 10 years.