Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where is my rank?
If you are a MCNSA player or DMZ player and join the other server for the first time you may notice that your rank is incorrect. This is due to our permissions databases currently being separate.

Please speak to a member of staff to check your rank and set it to the correct value.

Q. Why can't I place or break blocks?

There are 2 situations that may result in you being unable to place or break blocks:

  1. You are in a protected area such as the spawn area or a player-claimed area. In this instance, You need to move away and try in a different area.
  2. You have broken a rule and the staff are wanting to speak to you. Your name will be grey in this situation, you will need to speak to a member of staff to resolve this.
Q. Can we PVP?

The simple answer to this is: It depends!

Have all players involved agreed to the PVP? if so then yes!, if not then No!

Q. How do I know who the staff members are?

Psi are the Moderators and Omega are the Admins.

Psi are your first port of call for all player issues. It is their responsibility to ensure the community guidelines are being met and to provide support to players.

Omegas are your port of call when it comes to server issues such as malfunctioning plugins or game-breaking bugs. The smooth running and technical aspects of the server are their responsibility.

Q. Can I have creative mode?
In the survival world, the only players that have creative world are the staff and community builders. There is a creative world on DMZ that allows you to build using creative mode.