Q: How do I rank up quickly?
A: Stay around, build, be nice, and don’t ask where your rank is. If you build for it, it will come.

Q: What members have mod powers?
A: Saints are the Moderators and Templars are the Admins.

Q: What’s with the ranks?
A: Don’t know, thought they would be funny. (We’re not a Christian server…far from it.)

Q: Is this a PVP server?
A: PVP is enabled, but we only allow it if you and whomever you want to PVP with agree to it. Randomly killing people is not tolerated and will earn you a kick and/or a ban.

Q: Why can’t I build near spawn? / Why was my house near spawn removed?
A: This is a measure in place to keep your stuff from getting griefed. Houses/buildings near spawn are usually the first ones to be griefed, so don’t do it!

Q: Can I have some items to get started?
A: The Survival server is that, Survival…mine your own tools, kiddo. If you’re on the Creative world you can get your own things.

Q: Can I have a stack of _______?
A: Unless it’s an item that you can’t get normally, or spawn yourself in Creative, no. If anything, ask a mod, and we will place a block for you.

Q: Is there a way to protect my chests?
A: There is, actually – we use a plugin that allows you to lock your chests, doors, furnaces, dispensers, and even signs from people trying to break them/steal things from them. Check this subreddit post for a how-to.

Q: Why can’t I build in an area?
A: It may be a protected area that belongs to someone, or a group.

Q: Is there any way to help the server?
A:┬áThe server is funded by player donations. We’ll always have free-to-play servers, but if you’re feeling generous please visit our Buycraft page to help out, or our donations page to read more about donating!