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Antigrate: If you are reading this, I would very much like to hear what you have to say for yourself.

You know the rules and you know not to use exploits. Don’t you even dare try to say you don’t. Exploits are something you should inform the admins about. There are glitches in Minecraft like this, and they get removed, because they’re not supposed to be part of the game. The slightest bit of sense will tell you that abusing these glitches isn’t acceptable on a survival server.

Above Kwinno has said he wouldn’t like a ban appeal, and I’m on the verge of feeling the same way. But MCNSA is a place of second chances and sometimes third chances (if not beyond). If you want to be here, and we believe you are sincerely apologetic, there might still be a place and time here for you. What that place is, and when that time will be is something that would be decided later, though.

I’m very disappointing to see this, please do explain what happened. And for the love of all that keeps me sane, no bullshit.