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Yes and no.

It’s been a while since creative and games were the next big thing coming down the pipe. In the form we were thinking before, they probably aren’t heading our direction. We’ve moved hosts since, and our capabilities are a bit more limited.

However, I do promise we have stuff in the works. Some of our coding staff has gone a bit dormant, so progress toward certain things that would make having multiple servers much nicer has been temporarily setback. I’ve personally been researching alternatives and digging into code myself to see what needs to happen, but I’m not as efficient as others are.

I was just discussing tonight how nice it would be to get multiple (more than the two we have) servers going, we’re just hesitant to do it until we know it will be a good experience for the community. We’re constantly working to reach that point, but we’re not gonna get it going before we know it’s gonna give you the good experience you deserve.