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Normally we played on Monday late evening, Tuesday when ever everyone was available, or Wednesday when people were available. Unfortunately between me getting a little swamped with work, real life issues, sickness and other people being either hard to catch or no one wanting to vote in on which day we all wanted to play for the week it stopped. We haven’t played in a while though I’ve still been planning stuff for the campaign. So now I just need to know who wants to play, when they want to play and how often.

Right now the campaign I’m running it supposed to be horror, weather or not its lived up to that so far? Well you’ll have to ask my players. I’ll also be willing to run another campaign that’s a little less strict on people jumping in and out if people would be interested. Keep in mind though, if I do decided to run a second one my horror campaign will be put to once every two weeks, and the secondary campaign will be once every two weeks not lining up the horror one.