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Where is Nsan in all of this? I understand the no hacking rule is pretty serious, but based on the story it sounds like he didn’t think it would actually work and was just testing it. I would find it more offensive if he actually abused it or had intentions to crash the server which it certainly doesn’t seem like he did. He said that he was lagging too bad to speak in chat so I don’t know how he was expected to report it when he can’t type. Ridddle supposedly came on before the items even despawned which means they didn’t have much time to file some kind of report on the forums or contact a higher up by other means either. I personally think this was blown a bit out of proportion. Even if he’s gotten in trouble before recently, ban him for a week or so and demote him. Banned FOREVER for a bug that he didn’t even think was real? C’mon.

To be fair, I don’t know him all that well. From my perspective this all seems a bit ridiculous though. If there’s information I’m missing then by all means, enlighten me.