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@Sinkip wrote:

To be fair, I don’t know him all that well. From my perspective this all seems a bit ridiculous though. If there’s information I’m missing then by all means, enlighten me.

A player who has been repeatedly disciplined/banned for an array of prior unrelated offenses comes off a 24h ban, begs a friend of his to be whitelisted, then immediately shows off a glitch to said friend that crashes the server.

It’s not so much “You’re banned forever for testing this glitch” as “Really, I hear your defense, but it doesn’t look very compelling, so, I don’t entirely believe it. Also, besides the fact that you’re abusing exploits on MCNSA, you have a very poor track record, ranging from griefing ANY time you think you won’t get caught, to intentionally harassing other members of the server. We’ve given you many, many, many extra chances. This particular instance, combined with your previous acts, are sufficient to cause the mod team to apply this ban. When asked for a duration, given your history, all mods polled responded with ‘long-term to permanent’.”