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You’ve had more than one, second chance, granted not based off glitches/exploits but it remains the same. If you’ve been here so long, and love this server so much you should know how we feel about these things.

Not only did you do these things but it was posted all over general chat, thus giving tons of other people the ability to do what you did. If others had done what you did and lagged a ton of chunks, it could have crashed the server, or someone may have never been able to log back in because they were fairly new and didn’t know much about MCNSA itself to be able to get a hold of someone to fix their chunk.

If you were just trying an exploit, why try it here? Create your own server to do it. Don’t even experiment with this on other servers because its just poor form all around.

I do not believe you nor your friend will be allowed back on the server.