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28h to beat normal? Damn, you must’ve been exploring EVERYTHING.

Agreed on both the story and cinematics. The cinematics were totally awesome, the actual story, while it was very promising, wasn’t executed well. I’ll go further in greater detail.

[spoiler:3t53sogj]Act I and Cain gets taken out by an out of the blue villain with little character to her, that's just a dumb move, you don't do that. Getting to know all about Leoric and his descent into madness throughout the whole act was pretty damn awesome, though. Overall, probably my favorite act.

Act II, so many missed opportunities, I expected a lot more from “Lord of Lies”, but he was just the most obvious character all along. Covetus Shen, however, was hilarious and Kulle was an interesting character as well, also, the fight against Belial probably was the best boss fight in the game.

Act III, ugh, this is where it started going downhill. While the whole siege thing was awesome, Azmodan constantly going in and being all like “This is nothing, I don't need X you destroyed to win, because I have Y you will go and destroy next!” was just so annoying, dull and gamey. Think they didn't explore those demon lord aspects(sin and anguish) enough as well.

Act IV, epic conclusion, while I did like Diablo trying to use psychological warfare on you, his constant talking to you a'la Azmodan while you did stuff was a huge turn-off. While the whole heaven under siege thing was cool, I feel like it could've been a hell of a lot better paced. Also, any final opportuity to somehow expand on the actual Leah's character was completely blown out of the water, which is just not right, I mean, when you lose a character that has spent a considerable time with you in a game and you don't care at all, that tells something. They could've at least gotten her soul free from Diablo and have her have some interesting dialogue to be a character to remember or something.[/spoiler:3t53sogj]