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[spoiler:1m9x9w8p]Act I and Cain gets taken out by an out of the blue villain with little character to her, that's just a dumb move, you don't do that.[/spoiler:1m9x9w8p]

[spoiler:1m9x9w8p]My friends and I had a discussion about this. I think it's fitting that he's killed by some random character with little development, because you expect him to have some powerful and fitting death and to go out in a blaze of glory. Instead, he gets cut down by some petty character, really defining his mortality.

Same with your point about Leah, what you suggest is way too cliche and again, shows that she is mortal and is an ant compared to Diablo, a pawn in his game.[/spoiler:1m9x9w8p]

[spoiler:1m9x9w8p]Maybe, but it doesn't make it any less disappointing. Seriously, did you really go “oh, he got taken out by an unexpected dumb character out of nowhere, what an unexpected move on Blizzard's part!”?

And maybe that whole “pawn in Diablo's game” is just total bs, being “a pawn in Diablo's game” doesn't justify almost non-existant character and it's development. To show that she is mortal, there should be that. Cliche? Maybe, but then again, the whole game is basically a fucking big cliche story-wise, if you think of it. I mean come on, the prophecy, dark times, battle between good and evil, etc., etc. Surely, adding one more wouldn't hurt. And even if it is cliche, it is better than freaking nothing.[/spoiler:1m9x9w8p]