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I…. I am just shocked. I know I haven’t been on the server in a while, but I do keep up with the forums. I might not even have the grounds to say this but here I go anyways. I played on MCNSA for a while before my leave, and this is just, sad. I met you antigrate, talked to you a couple times before I left. I thought you were a swell guy. I don’t know what kind of “excuse” you could come up with, but I feel like nothing would repair the damage you have done, not physically but mentally. The fact that a trusted Elder of our community would not only betray the trust of the mods like this, but do so in such a horrible way. You have most likely made it so that there will be little or NO chance for guests to ever come onto the server during a white-list again. You have ruined it for other players who just want to come into the server and meet new people, have fun, and build amazing things. I truly feel sorry for Kwinno, and I personally would be equally as pissed off. I agree with Kwinno, I don’t feel that you should be allowed back onto the server, you obviously don’t have the maturity level to handle it. Maybe, just, MAYBE if you really can show you are apologetic, and are mature enough, then I might believe you should get a second, or from what I hear a third chance, but frankly, you have ruined all hope from me. Really, truly I am disappointed more than anything.