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Another reminder that MCNSA is a very diverse community, and we all need to be aware of it.

I, too, used the “f” word recently and failed to see any consequences of it. In fact, I use it as a greeting to many of my IRL mates. However, it seems that different parts of the world are oppressed or unaccepted in different ways. Whilst the LGBT community is accepted over here by the majority of individuals (including myself), judging by r/atheism else where in the world it is not.

So, to anyone offended by what I or others say, I believe a slight nudge should be the first step in telling someone that you are taking offense instead of flipping tables immediately. And, unlike my initial reaction to the nudge received, it is up to the person who has said something that has indirectly offended someone to be mature and apologize (such as you have Chris).