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Just finished reading ‘Small Gods’ once again. Definitely one of my favorite novels tho also one with a sad main theme of religious fanatism and lots of cool stuff about the Discworld gods (one in particular).

If pressed to a statement about which Discworld novels are best, well, it’s quite a hard choice. I like the ‘City Watch’ and ‘Rincewind’ ones best I think. Although most of the ‘stand-alone’ works like above-mentioned ‘Small Gods’ or, of course, ‘Soul Music’, are really cool as well.
The only novels I personally can’t totally come to terms with is the ‘Witches’ series and ‘Mac Best’. So that’s an A grade instead of A+ 😉

Also in contrast to most other readers I think the very first novels (starting the ‘Rincewind’ series) are absolutely great. Of course they’re much centered on hilarious and crazy encounters instead of making a big fuss about real-world topics and in later novels Terry has shown that you can combine both parts for an arguably even better reading experience. Nevertheless, I like the uncomplicated, unadulterated fun, too.

So yeah, I’m kind of a Discworld fanatic, up to the point where I stopped reading any other fantasy except, of course, Lord of the Rings and the awesome ‘Dune’ series by Frank Herbert.

So to get the discussion rolling: which characters do you like best? Feel free to supply quotes and other reasons why they’re your favorites.

Also, did you like the latest novel, ‘Snuff’? I think Terry wrote it with more help of his friend authors than usual due to his health problems. I’d really hate it if he had to give up writing :<
‘Snuff’ takes you on a trip through racism and unbelievable crimes against a whole species with a lack of the typical ‘light humor’ that is part of most other novels. I liked reading it very much but I think now it’s time for a new one without a gloomy atmosphere.