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Well, your first broadcast was good. Little bit of constructive criticism for ya. The music sounds underwater-ish when you loop it through from speakers to microphone. You’re going to want to change that. That way, you can mute your mic while the music is playing. And you don’t hear background noise with the water music. Having background noise isn’t a big deal while you’re talking as long as you can focus on the broadcast. I was part of EvE online radio for a little while, not a dj on there but I did get a lot of helpful tips for those who were. Before your broadcast you want to get a game plan on what you’re going to talk about for the day. It can be one or a few projects. Find out whats happenin on the server you think will be cool and interesting to your listeners.

Also, you can host a some sort of games, for example spleef would be even better with an announcer. Or maybe host an easter egg hunt for everyone, winner gets an enchanted diamond tool or somethin. You have a great idea and you can run with it. You just need to hone your tactics a little bit. Promote the crap out of it so everyone who plays the server knows. You have this post here, but start yelling about it in the server for people to listen in at X time when your broadcast begins. You have to keep the people involved with more than just music, because anyone can crank up itunes, or pandora to listen in. Quick question, how long did this webcast run? I had to stop listening part way through as im at work and have to answer the phone sometimes.

TL:DR version:
Needs some polish, but you have a good start to this project. Keep workin on it and you will have a successful broadcast.