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The whole time I was doing it I was thinking, “Tee hee, I’ve evading authority. This is going to be hilarious.” Then, when you found out, you were like, “That fucker has been lying to us the whole time.” Perhaps if this were in person, you’d understand that I wasn’t being cold and calculating.

There’s a reason I don’t have keys to nsanidy’s actual apartament and a reason that Guests can’t place TNT. There are levels of trust, in this simple game. Every breach of security is met with some alarms going off silently and some security dudes asking to please return the items, sir.

However, breach of trust is a different beast. This is connecting with random people on the internet, developing a relationship with them over time, getting to know each other, learning to share responsibilities and then dumping some steaming brown paste all over it. This is basically slapping us in the face.

And, personally, I sense this cavalier attitude in your posts. How hard is it to just come, write „I’m sorry, that’s it. Can we be friends again?” instead of explaining how complex the situation was and apologizing only for some parts of your behavior? I would do that. It’s simpler, cleaner and it carries your feelings across.