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Whoa there… lets get some context here!

[spoiler:1eipeuwh]Slothario was a player on the server for well over a year. He was a bishop and a well known, widely liked and trusted player.

Slothario volunteered to write a plugin for the server to handle PO8.

He wrote it and sent an un-obfusticated version of the code to Fuzzy (he manages our plugins and writes epic plugins himself).

Fuzzy checks it out, finds it totally OK with no issues.

Slothario sends a packaged code to be put straight into the server.

This new version of the code has a backdoor which will give anyone OP. OP allows anyone to use any of the plugins on the server. (For context, not even Templars are OP)

Fuzz puts the code straight in, having no reason to suspect it was any different from the code he checked only moments before.

Slothario uses the backdoor, extensively.

Slothario fucks up, an altarboy ends up with hundreds of diamond blocks. The altarboy is banned, we follow the trail of the diamonds, find Slothario at the end of it. (The altarboy is unbanned)

Not entirely sure about what exactly happened in what order for this bit, but Fuzz and Ridd have a look at Slothario's plugin, find the backdoor. Slothario apparently owned up at some point after it was clear the mod team was suspicious.

Slothario seems to see no problem with it. Sounds pretty cold and sociopathic.

Slothario = banned

Everyone else = Glad this happened before Slothario was made a mod.[/spoiler:1eipeuwh]

You betrayed everyone, but most of all Fuzzy, who (like all you Angelics) spends way too much time making sure this show stays online. Your self-justification and total lack of remorse didn’t really go down to well either.

lolsloth… <3