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It’s hard to be graceful when people accuse you of being a sociopath, ridddle.

I’m tempted to say you’re still not ashamed for what you did. You just regret your tone when talking to us about it.

I really think the disconnect here is because everything is done over text, and there’s a lot of room for misinterpretation. The whole time I was doing it I was thinking, “Tee hee, I’ve evading authority. This is going to be hilarious.” Then, when you found out, you were like, “That fucker has been lying to us the whole time.” Perhaps if this were in person, you’d understand that I wasn’t being cold and calculating. Perhaps it didn’t help that I didn’t write a line in the code that checked to see it was me, and you quite understandably suspect that I might have been planning to give out the password. (I wasn’t.)

And besides, it’s still possible to not fully understand why a person feels a certain way but apologize for it anyway. Sometimes people are just on different wavelengths like that.

And to be totally honest, this *really* comes down to an issue of wounded pride. Why else did it become so personal? I’ll forgive you for wounding my pride if you forgive me for wounding yours.