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@hiamsam wrote:

Hey guys, I Just wanted to really introduce myself here at the Forums. I’ve been apart of this server for over a year now. I joined on June 11th, 2011 ( So my 1 year anniversary was just 2 days ago! ) , I was like WOAH o-o Cool server. The first thing I did was to join Octana. I missed that place. Octavian helped me out around the Town. Made a house. Met JudgeAnderson, ( If he still remembers me!). Eventually this server was a daily thing I went onto. SO, Like I was saying, I wanted to introduce myself. Hi there, I’m Sam or “Hiam” As everyone calls me. Nice to meet you. 🙂 Loving the new forums! See you on MCNSA!

I think I remember seeing you my first couple of days! (1.7.3 map, around August)

Does anyone have pics of Daymanville from that map? Seriously. I need some.