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I don’t understand, what is your video showing exactly? Plus that looks like dumb luck not xray. I know you think I’m still cheating and I know how hard it is going to be to convince you otherwise but I am willing to fight to continue playing. This server is fantastic and the community is one of the best I’ve ever seen, I don’t want to give that up over what is just a misunderstanding, while having played on this server I have already joined a great town and made my mark on the world I’ve protected people from creepers and literally moved oceans for others. After being given that very gracious second chance I wouldn’t risk anything to lose all that I’ve done. Please reconsider.

I can show you quite a few videos of the server from players of “dumb luck”. Dumb luck is when you’re mining, go into a pocket mine and happen to find diamonds.

Dumb luck is not you going into ONE spot in a long mineshaft YOU had never cleared, going in 2 spots, and getting diamonds and iron. Especially when the only places you mined in that mine shaft all look like X-Ray, and you got diamonds.

The fact you’re x-raying isn’t the bad thing; that got you banned. The fact you’re not being honest about X-raying is the troubling fact here. If you had said, “Yah, I X-Rayed again, I”m sorry, and I’ll never do it again” and been sincere and honest about it, I’d have unbanned you, told you not to do it again, and let you play. Instead you decided to lie about it, so if another mod wants to unban you – they can feel free. I will not, however.