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Hey all! I didn’t really want to reply since the actual issue of duping has nothing to do with me, but since me name has come up a few times I’d like to say a few things.

First, I am extremely disappointed with Clevenger’s actions. There is no excuse for what he did and I take it very personally that he betrayed my trust. I have played online video games with him for many years now and he has never shown any sign of being a cheater, so I was obviously very confused, shocked and angry when I heard what he did. That being said, he is my best friend and I respect that he owned up to what he did and am thankful that he is trying to keep Redline and myself out of his mess. Unfortunately, looks like that won’t happen.

Next, I must say I am very disappointed with how Redline and I are being treated. To hear about “possible punishment,” warnings to “keep our noses clean,” and “we’ll be watching you closely,” upset me big time. I consider MCNSA my home as it is the first and only multiplayer Minecraft server I have ever played. I keep to myself mostly, but I do offer help to others when I can, I enjoy seeing my friends and having conversations with them, and I love playing Minecraft in a legit way. It really sucks when my reputation gets tarnished because of something that happened that has nothing to do with me.

Next, I’d like to address Riddle’s reply. You mention that you can’t prove we didn’t participate, etc. Why does that make me guilty? Why do I have to prove my innocence? I get that this isn’t a court of law, but it seems a bit off to me that since their is no way to prove I did or did not do anything that I am guilty. Oh well, I guess.

Also, we do understand the situation but, of course, we did try to get our items back. Together we mined 6 stacks of diamonds. This was done %100 legitimately. We got a fortune 3 enchanted axe very early on the new map and worked hard mining. Also, 7 stacks of gold were taken. The fact that I will not get my diamonds and gold back is really beside the point. Sure it sucks, but I enjoy mining and will have more than that soon enough. The problem I have is that my word means nothing on this server. And that’s not cool with me.