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@Microsoftt wrote:

… How many years Mcnsa Minecraft has been out in Minecraft days…
7 Minutes in a night.
10 minutes in a day.
=17 minute day/night schedule.
17/60 = 3.5 Minecraft days in an hour.
3.5 X 24 = 88 days in an ordinary IRL day pass in Minecraft.
Mcnsa has been around for ~2 Years.
365 X 2 = 730.
730 X 88 = 64,240
365/64,240 = 176.4 years have passed in Mcnsa Minecraft.
Your character is somewhere between 1 day – 176.4 years old.
Golden Oldie!

NOTE: Not 100% correct due to downtime, time changes etc.
Please correct me on my math if you find something wrong.
I’m definetly not a math major.

way to be so precise micro