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@ridddle wrote:

…being a monster doesn’t help in moderating in any way.


The mobdisguise plugin is a plugin that fit in well during the older, more teleporty/warpy/semi-creative mcnsa of yore. Back when moderators would actively troll/worldedit with wild abandon/call down lightning/slap just because they could–and the players knew this sort of thing was *going* to happen–MobDisguise was a nifty tool in the modly repertoire of chaos.

Back then, death penalties were really small, as there was no exp, and we had much easier movement about the map.

MobDisguise/DisguiseCraft really has little purpose on today’s MCNSA. We’re a much more survival oriented server nowadays, and players actively go out of their way to avoid deaths as their gear represents a significantly higher time investment, and getting back to the death point is much harder. It’s something that causes undue stress, and those of us raised to modhood during the earlier days can sometimes forget how things have changed for the average player.

Unless we can gimp it to only allow silly/nonthreatening transformations, I see it as a liability that most likely will not return on the survival server.