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Well, in response to throwing the cornucopia out the window…alright, cool. People can just gather supplies, and maybe some biomes there will be only one of in the arena, so they’ll have to go there for certain things, and battles can occur naturally. The more I think about gathering supplies for the fight, the better this seems — imagine the player who lords over the caves, setting lava traps :3

ridddle is absolutely right, using another server isn’t a good idea, and multiverse is the best bet (we could do this in the hardcore world, but the idea of it having its’ own dimension sounds pretty darn cool) but yeah, come on, nothing competes with MCNSA.

DevilsDan’s second post: one-time thing, yes. This can’t be a minigame, it simply takes up too much time, and may even run a full week (or we could limit it to weekends, but that would split gameplay a bit much?) However, in sessions? Would, at the end of the first session, your position be saved? Because someone who builds an amazingly clever stronghold on Day 1 that needs to trek back out to it on Day 2 or 3 would be quite disheartened to learn that someone else has got there first and burned it to the ground in their absence.

Also, we would need to set aside rules, and we might as well do so soon, because once multiverse is opened (assuming this idea is even possible) we would be a bit impatient to start the actual games, instead of coming up with the critical ideas now, instead of, say, a month ago, wasting a lot of time. The last thing we want is to be halfway through the games when a map change occurs. So figuring out how to progress the games immediately would be the best choice, probably. Would firespread be enabled? How long would each session last? How many people can participate? Is a limit even a good idea? Would it be in this world or another? Can non-gamemaker admins spawn themselves full diamond, like I saw in the last hardcore map wars?

Please consider all of this!