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I expect the first one, as people are inexperienced, to be quite short since there’s no HP regen besides golden apples and potions, however, as people get more experienced, the games could drag on for a bit, so sessions indeed may be needed. Perhaps, we could let losers become “game masters” as well, so they have something to do, the process is probably sped up and more lulz are had? As for the position saving, that’s kind one of the big reasons why I think it needs a different server – things would flow times easier. If we were to do it on MCNSA we’d probably need some kind of world pause/unpause plugin.

I agree mostly, but I do not think that all the losers should get access to being gamemasters. This could result in revenge kills. Example: Player1 kills Player2. Player2 is pissed and gives Player1 a lava flood. So this wouldn’t really work that well. It could very well need a different server, but like ridddle said, that could be very complicated.

Firespread – yes, definitely. I’d expect a session to last at least an hour, maybe two. I think any number of people can participate, as long as the map size is proportional to them(I’d say about 125×125 area per one player). World definitely needs to change each game since some player may know a mineshaft location or something and that might give him an edge, plus, the variety factor comes in here, too. Not sure about if they actually can do that, but that definitely shouldn’t be allowed by the rules, lol.

Okay, so this game idea would require an arena to be custom-constructed, with a strict player-count in mind. Seems a bit overcomplicated, right? But it definitely needs to be somewhere around the 125×125 per player area you described. I figure we can just worldedit a fence or glass circle around an arena area right before the match, that’s what you mean, right? Players shouldn’t be allowed to go outside arena bounds, period (spectator areas could account for this, should we use another server), and we could save each arena, just creating new ones for each map, labeling them with “Game 1, Winner: Player7” with a statue of them or something 😛

And seriously, caves are going to be the best part of this.