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Yeah, I thought about it more. That is awesome! 😀

By extra things, I mainly meant traps set up by the gamemasters beforehand, but I immediately realized that would be a bit too complicated to do regularly, considering the prospective size of the arenas. And they can always hide little chests full of cool stuff in random places, like the bottom of lava springs at depth 2.

Also, on the server you suggested we make a new universe for it. Are we going to rally for that, or make it on single-player? And if we do use single-player, who would worldedit the arena arenas? And how would they be sent to the mods? Just a post on the thread maybe?

My opinion is that, if a mod picks this up as his “thing” like Octavian with Po8, then we can get a new universe, or just find a secluded place in the Survival World at like 10,000 / 10,000 and make the arenas there.

If no mod expresses interest, then we can do all the prep work in single player maps, rotating the responsibility of building the arena and sitting out that match around people who are interested.