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EDIT: 50th post!!!

Staar, thank you for your input! Here are my responses to each:

1. Hehe, love it. TNT instead of lapis. Even better if you’re derping underground with flint and steel (doesn’t sound that likely, but I do it all the time)

2. Yup!

3. Firespread must be on. I totally agree. I shall torch every jungle. You shall like it.

4. We’re going to make sure people use vanilla clients for the games, I think that’s on page 3 or 4.

5. Hmm, okay.

6. Already talked about that as well, the idea is that we would actually not make the arena early, but make it right on the date with a quick worldedit fence circle, protect, and then replace all the lapis with TNT. The size of the arena is according to the following formula: 1 player = a 125×125 area is added to the arena.

7. I think that’s half the fun! You can raid villages and cannibalize the towns into more efficient strongholds! You’ll have instant iron armor and probably a nether portal (which worries me, should they be disabled? Or maybe we would have to create a nether area too!? Oh god, headaches :P)

New Issue to be Resolved: What should be according to the Nether?