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As some of you know, I teach computers at an elementary school. I’m very excited to let you all know that I was just approved to purchase 25 Minecraft accounts and the MinecraftEdu mod to start using with students.
On the off chance that you’re in education, have you tried it or heard anything about it?
Also, are any of you students who have been able to play Minecraft in school? I’d love to talk about what you’ve done.
Even if you have nothing to do with school at this point in your lives, I bet you could think of some great things to do with the game to teach kids a certain lesson. I’ll see if there’s any interest in this and then I’d love if we could share some ideas.

Math. Minecraft teaches volume super easily, because “What’s the volume of the following rectangular prism?” becomes “How many blocks do I need to collect to build this thing?” “How many blocks would it take to make this pyramid 5 blocks high? Ten blocks high? 100 blocks high?”

Science. Okay, you have to stretch a bit more here, because Minecraft physics is so wonky. You can talk about projectile motion with TNT cannons though, which is pretty cool, and do some introductory electricity with redstone wiring, and talk about how it relates to wiring houses and what have you. Show em some basic circuits and ask them how it could relate to the circuits in their house!

History, you could totally have students build reproductions of things they’re talking about in class. “Hey, build a step pyramid like the Myans!” “Split into groups and build opposing ships, then, we’ll have a sea battle with those TNT cannons from before.”

English? Well, write about all the stuff you did.

Music? Let’s wire up redstone note blocks to play your favorite song. Let’s talk about chords by playing multiple notes at once.

Art? Aesthetics plays into all your builds. Talk about how painters and sculptors and such have to use somewhat surprising techniques in their various media, sort of how making chairs in Minecraft involves stairs and signs.

It’d be quite easy to take a gander at your core content and make Minecraft lessons related to almost anything contained within. You just have to be a bit clever.