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As I’ve stated, I don’t x-ray. While I appreciate that you take the time to do your ingame job, I’m in no way going to take false accusations lightly. My behavior might seem erratic to you, but to me, it’s normal. Getting a few diamonds over the course of a few hours is in no way evidence of x-ray. I don’t even care for ores much, I only need a few anyways. I don’t play much on the server because I’m generally very busy, and when I do it’s to hang out with a good friend of mine. In my experience (and I’ve had plenty as both admin/moderator) x-rayers don’t act nearly anything like I do. They bee line straight for ores, almost always in the dark since they use texture packs, and have suspicious amounts of collected ores in very short times.

In my case, I don’t fit the profile, nor do I care to waste my time on a server hunting ores over and over to have a godly stash. That serves no purpose to me. If you bothered to check my inventory or chests, you’d know that. I already knew of the diamond vein in the wall and an iron vein due to optifine settings rendering the world slow. My PC doesn’t agree with the multicore rendering even though my rig is far above the normal gaming rig. I’ve been digging around randomly since I first built that branch mine (not much of one yet, but it’s getting there) and to my memory I’ve only hit diamonds 3 times by luck. Everything is by method. I have many unlit caves still around there, and I know I’ve got slime chunk(s) there as well. When I hear something, I almost always investigate it. Which, to spell it out, means I will mine around randomly while I pinpoint where it’s coming from. TheDesiree can vouch for my behavior, we’re almost always talking in my personal ventrilo server.

I’m glad you’ve taken the time to respond to this, and I’ll reiterate that I’m in no way mad about this. I do feel slighted here, mostly by the way this was handled initially and not so much the ban itself. I can understand where you come from as a moderator, but it is, as Kwinno eloquently put it, a false positive. I would be happier about a better handling of bans than my issue itself.


p.s. I’m aware you were stalking me. I noticed it on two occasions. /v or whichever command you choose to use might make you invisible, but it doesn’t hide your hit box. A little tip for you in the future. Also, I’m aware you were stalking Desiree as well. Seems far fetched but there could be some bias here. Then again, maybe not.