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No need for basically calling me a liar. There’s also no need on making assumptions that I used a glitch for my personal gain repeatedly. I had no knowledge beforehand of the new optifine causing an incompatibility with my PC. I have to leave it on Smooth setting now because otherwise I can hardly tell what’s going on or where I’m at otherwise. You’re making a claim and backing it poorly, you handled the ban unprofessionally from the initial time you spoke with me, and now you’re calling me a liar and making baseless assumptions.

I wasn’t mad before, but now I’m inclined to think you’re a rather jump-to-conclusions type of fellow. I hope for the sake of MCNSA’s other users, that this incident was standalone and not the actions of its moderating team in general. If it isn’t, then maybe Nsanidy should have a closer look at what goes on. Up until now, this had been a good experience, even if I didn’t play constantly.



p.s. I didn’t have a chance to explain myself. I was asked if I was x-raying. I responded no, that I was fixing locks on my doors for Des, and immediately I was banned. Don’t call me a liar when you in fact just did yourself.