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@dotsforlife wrote:

There’s also no need on making assumptions that I used a glitch for my personal gain repeatedly.

Every block of diamond ore that you mined that I bothered to look at, you couldn’t have seen without x-raying. In this case, it manifested through your glitch. Your branch mine would go straight for ages, then suddenly have a cobbled-off region where you went STRAIGHT for ore.

So, yes. I’m calling you a liar by saying you’re not x-raying. Because you’re lying. Taking the whole “I’m better than these kids I barely play because I have a life you don’t know what you’re talking about you’re all idiots” stance isn’t really making you look any better.

I’m voting no to letting you back in. Not because you x-rayed. Not because you lied about it. In this case, it’s because you can’t even begin to see where you went wrong, and you’re completely blind to the fact that it’s not okay.

You speak of maturity, yet you’ve taken this criticism–especially when caught red-handed!–worse than most 11-year-olds I know. You feel yourself above the common riff-raff. Obviously, a lack of understanding of the rules and how to play by them means you don’t belong here, plain and simple.

I’m done here. Maybe your appeals will fall on other sympathetic mods’ ears. Not mine.