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@Pyrotek wrote:

Another option might be to find an alternative, I’m pretty sure there are organizations which bill themselves as secular precisely to find people not interested in AA for the reasons you mentioned (but I’m not sure of their scope).

Good luck!

Thanks. That would be ideal but living in Maine (and moving back up North soon) makes it a bit tricky.

As for an update: I’m 2 weeks sober now. I’ve been to AA meetings every night since I got out detox. I’ve met some pretty cool people and heard some inspiring stories. Man, some people have gone through some crazy shit. I’m just ignoring the “higher power” stuff. I’ve been in out-patient rehab for 4 days now. Twenty hours a week in group meetings is a bit tiresome but I guess it helps. Feels good to be sober. Looking back on the past year I was a fucking wreck.

Anyway….I shall return soon! There are blocks to be punched and shizz to be built!