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Still they had plenty of time to change their minds before the vote ended.

OK, so first it was an alt conspiracy. Now you fall back to trying to claim it on a technicality, despite lots of legit players (myself included) not being aware of the arbitrary deadline. Let’s just throw those opinions out because they don’t agree with you amirite? If the outcome was reversed you’d be arguing the exact opposite way…

No, there was a deadline, it was posted in huge letters right under neath the vote as soon as it was decided by Nsan. At the time of the deadline was posted, “keep the map” was winning hand over fist with a +18 votes for keeping the map. At the deadline, map was +9 at keeping in the map, and it took several days after voting was over for map to draw even, and then ahead. Part of the reason was the campaign to keep the map died off – we won had won the vote to keep the map, so theres no need to keep campaigning for it.

As for “alt conspiriacy”, there are people who have posted they are voting for a new map, who have never logged into MCNSA as their forum name. I’m not sure who they are / why they posted / why they created their forum name different than their MCNSA name.

As for keeping it vs not keeping it, theres several mega builds on the server going on atm – mine, for instance, is over 1million blocks, and i’m no where near done. That’s probably the reason people want the same map. Also, TONNNNNNS of map havent’ been explored or touched. It would be a shame to lose mega (legit) builds soley because people wanna play on a new map for a week or two. We were also considering increasing the map so people who do like to explore new areas and see new things could do that, too. Increasing the map 1K blocks in all directions (20% or so) is what we were discussing doing, don’t know what is going to happen there, though.