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Well I was going to offer a rebuttal to Highnosis a couple of days ago, but having lost that text, and the will to write with it, I’m glad to see Megleris’s response covered pretty much all of the key points I would’ve wanted to go over, and now instead, I can just sort of add on to that with my own two cents.

Regarding the vote– from when it was originally announced, it went on for about a week and a half, during which it was shown in the MOTD, it was discussed thoroughly in both in-game chat and on mumble, and the new deadline, itself, was posted 36 hours before the vote closed. If anyone really had no clue as to what was going on until after the fact, then they probably didn’t make much effort to inform themselves in the first place.

I’d also just like to address what seems to be quite a misunderstanding, among many of the people who have wished for a new map, and are now disappointed that that wish won’t be fulfilled. Let it be made perfectly clear– everything about 1.4 can be featured in the 1.3 map. In fact, everything, with only two exceptions, will be featured in the 1.3 map with absolutely no effort from the moderators to make any alterations. That includes absolutely everything but the natural generation of witch huts and the natural generation of carrot and potato farms in villages. Now, of course the moderating staff seeks to make everyone happy in this deal, so it’s safe to say that some steps will be made to include some naturally generated huts and farms as well. In any case, carrots and potatoes will certainly be made available over Po8, and witches can spawn in swamps without their generated hut, so you don’t have to worry about that, either. Again, with only those two exceptions, absolutely everything else about 1.4 will be featured in the 1.3 map, in full force.

As for the misconception that apparently the entire map has already been explored and tamed, well, this idea is just patently false to anyone who’s really roamed around. Anyone actually up to the challenge of finding stretches of unexplored and untamed lands will be rewarded with exactly that– and for those who complain that there are homes around you within a 100 block radius, it’s because you’re lazy and walked around in a 100 block radius on a map with an area of 400 million blocks, stretching out from 10,000 to -10,000 in each direction.

Hopefully this can clear things up, and maybe shows that both parties can be satisfied with the result of this vote and get what they want.