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I remember first visiting MCNSA in the summer of last year, and I was immediately struck by the quality of its community. I found that the players were generally more mature, moreso than on any other server I had been on before. The moderating staff was very competent, and they understood what their job meant– they aren’t just there to police people, but also to be helpful and courteous, to have patience, even when dealing with complete blockheads, and also to take the high road in an argument and not just flex their muscles.

In Mumble, I found everyone to be very approachable. This wasn’t a place where people felt like they had something to prove, it was a place where people could let loose, have honest discussion, talk like adults– and of course goofball around and act like kids, too, which is just as important.

MCNSA quickly became my favorite server– and it’s stayed as my favorite for over a year now, and it really comes down to an amazing community, and an amazing staff, both of which Sanders has facilitated.

Sanders, you’ve gone far beyond an administrator’s call of duty, and because of your hard work and dedication, you’ve made something really great. Here’s to MCNSA’s 2nd birthday, and may there be many more ahead!