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@Megleris wrote:

I think having creeper protections would be a net-positive thing in terms of server balance – less structures get damaged, less items are destroyed, people have the ability to stop creeper-grief if they so choose. The negative side effects, of course, is that there is less danger in the world; it makes staying alive easier, it means that your home is impervious to world damage – no creeper, no person, no one other than *you* can create your safe space. Since I believe that the ‘good’ things out way the ‘bad’ things, I propose that Po8 starts selling Creeper Protections, starting at 40,000 Po8 for “small” buildings, 75,000 for “medium” buildings and 105,000 Po8 for “large” buildings. Of course, we would have to have a set definition of Small/medium/large buildings – or we could use Po8 admins & moderators ‘best’ discretion on such things, though I always prefer more concrete answers.

No. Just no. There are not just creepers, you’re on SMP server, so there are griefers. Having to pay to protect my stuff against griefers is ridiculous, plus, it will put more modwork on mods to restore someone’s build if it does get wrecked.