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No. Just no. There are not just creepers, you’re on SMP server, so there are griefers. Having to pay to protect my stuff against griefers is ridiculous, plus, it will put more modwork on mods to restore someone’s build if it does get wrecked.

Wait, if someones build gets wrecked *now* it creates mod work to restore it. We’re also instituting a way to prevent it from happening. You don’t have to pay to protect your stuff against griefers.

Altimeter wrote:
I don’t like the idea of doing mod-work for PO8. It’s a player-driven currency.

Eh, don’t we have that already though? The physical currency is all mod-work, exchanging stone brick for mossy stone / circle stone / cracked stone is all mod work with Po8. This is just another step along the way, while also being a money sink.