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@Altimeter wrote:

If something like this were to happen–and I’m not saying it will!–it would have to be with the very VERY clear message that it’s something to be done at the mod’s whim, not the buyer’s.

I personally think it’d be something difficult to standardize, and probably shouldn’t be implemented. Have you considered hiring work out and paying in PO8? You can get a lot done quickly with a few people working for you, and it’s all done in the player economy.

Most (all?) mods are quite careful to NOT earn Po8 using mod tools like worldedit and /i. It’s probably best to keep it out of the Po8 system entirely, and keep the server a bit more legit.

on top of that one mod would do 1 wall for 5k po8 while another would do an entire house… where do u draw the line?

Personally if i’m overlooking a bit i might give a small lending hand without the person asking (very small) but im not into getting this in the po8 system