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I have a lot of pets so I thought I might aswell chip in!
This is Jetta:
A 14 year-old female Golden Retriever. My dads dog.

This is Sam:
3 year-old female Sheltie. My moms dog

This is Sophie:
Sam’s sister. Female (my grandparents dog but my grandmother loves her more than anything and she’s with us a lot so Sophie is at our house a ton)

This is Sally:
6-month old female Golden Retriever. My dog <3

This is Tahoe:
We don’t know how old he is or what he is since we got him from the SPCA. My brothers dog. (he was scared when I took that pic) Male

This is Maui:
5 or 6 year old female Maltipoo. My sisters dog.

(they are all Rag Doll cats)

This is Abby:
Flamepoint orange female Rag Doll. My cat.

This is Mittens:
A mitted lightgrey/lightblue female Rag Doll. Also my cat <3

This is Hershey:
A chocolate hour-glass nose Male Rag Doll. Family cat.

This is Mocha:
A seal-point brown female Rag Doll. Family cat. (in her usual hangout spot)


This is Indiglo:
Beta fish. Bro’s fish.

Random info: When I say it’s someone’s pet; it means that the animal spends a lot of time around that person and/or combs it a lot and plays with it. Family animal means it has a spot it hangs around. I took most of these pictures really quickly using auto mode (it SUCKS but I didn’t have time to adjust for every photo).