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@Kwinno wrote:

i support the blessed having PO8.
trust shouldn’t be an issue

I trust the Blessed.

I mean, that’s why they have /tp, /god, /rg, /kick, /ban, /notes, access to this forum, etc etc.

I suppose my thoughts are: in the past, we had Blessed and below doing po8 because frankly saints+ couldn’t be arsed to do it.

It’s just so easy now, are we in need of the extra help for it? Do po8 orders sit languishing with Blessed on who could complete them if they had the ability?

I mean, I’ve got nothing against giving it to them from a trust standpoint. It’s just … would we be giving it to them for any reason other than “Hey, we trust you, so, have this thing, just don’t use this easy dupe method.”? If that’s it, then, I don’t see the point until the dupe thing gets fixed.

If there’s a legitimate need now for the help of Blessed, then, by all means, I’m game.