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Thanks Alti – actually I caught my mistake a couple days after I put it in and figured out what I should have done, and I’m already working with Maboughey on getting the correct equation in the code. (Once I realized it, I was surprised somebody didn’t call me out on it sooner – I guess you’re the first one to take a close look.)

Doing the calculus would definitely remove the need to further limit transactions of specific items (although I’m still in favour of keeping the general one-inventory’s worth of an item and two-inventory’s worth total limits per transaction, just for the sanity of the shopkeepers!). I’m concerned, though, that it makes it difficult to know what you’re going to pay for something when you look at it in the store. If you see something listed at a price of 1 PO8, and you add 64 of it to the cart, and it shows the total price in the cart as being greater than 64 PO8 – that’s confusing and may make some people think the system simply isn’t working correctly (it also makes it hard to figure out how much of an item you can afford, except through trial and error or else doing the calculus yourself every time). Do you see what I mean?