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The correct equation is now being used:

currentprice = maxprice * ( .5 ^ (stock / maxordersize) )

Where maxordersize is currently still 1728 for everything, so that’s the point at which the price halves.

Does anybody have any input on whether they’d accept limited to smaller transaction amounts on certain items to let the price fluctuate quicker? (So for instance, we’d leave things like dirt and stone alone, but we might limit ender pearls to 64 per transaction, so that the price can drop in half with every 64 pearls sold to the store, and we might limit music discs to 4 of each type per transaction so that the price can drop in half with every 4 discs sold, etc.) The idea would be to get the maxordersize for each item close to the amounts in which people typically want to buy and sell them.

Alti, something else is bugging me about your calculus approach. Would we have to set the sell price and buy price equal to each other? The idea right now is that if you buy and sell in maxordersize amounts, you end up paying exactly what the person who sold that stock to the store got for it, so the store breaks even and is basically a medium between the two players. (When you buy and sell in less than maxordersize amounts it makes a small profit on the deal.) If you use the calculus to smoothly vary the price, then that means the person who sold the stock gets paid less for it, and the person who buys it pays more for it, right? (Meaning that the store would always make a significant profit, and more quickly gets filled up with items that can’t ever get bought back out again because the populace lacks the necessary po8.) So are you assuming we’d just have one buy *and* sell price, or am I missing something significant about your approach?