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Ok! After I’m done finals in a week and a half I’ll organize things and start a competition. It would be really handy if you guys threw out some ideas for competitions that you would like to take part in. Some ideas I’ve come up with (aside from what I already said in my first post) are:

  • Create a program to solve a maze (either with complete or incomplete knowledge of the entire maze?)
  • Program a line-following robot
  • Chess / Checkers / Reversi / Four-In-A-Row / Tic-Tac-Toe AI
  • Parsing calculation input (ie: 5*(3-4) = -5)
  • Creating “virsuses” in a virtual machine that compete to hog the entire machine’s resources
  • Physics simulations (predict location of bouncing ball at certain time, for example?)
  • Solving inverse of matrices

[*] Blackjack / Poker / Cribbage / Hearts playing bot

Let me know what you guys want!