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Having no idea who you are, and therefore no preconceived notions about your attitude/personality, I feel qualified to respond.

Firstly, I’m a happy girl. I get picked on, hit on, booted, promoted, it’s all good. I like to think I never let personal opinion get in the way of my moderating, so I take offense to the broad statement ‘staff bringing personal feelings to the table while on mod duty’.

If you’re a mod, you are by default ‘on mod duty’, and as Nsan has said multiple times, this can mean helping as much or as little as you like. We aren’t paid, nor do we apply for the role. If we’re a certain combination of responsible and friendly enough, he asks if we want to help with modly duties. First and foremost, we’re there to play Minecraft…and perhaps catch up with friends.

Having read your post, and reviewed your screenshots, I can quickly say a few things: one, a whole bunch of people are talking at once; two, moderators have several channels that they can view at once and it is common for lines to be buried in chat; and three, you were in fact being ignored, whether voluntarily or accidentally, by everyone online at that moment in time.

The MCNSA mod community are a fiery bunch; we abuse and support each other regularly. For some people, personal feelings are impossible to separate from their moderator roles, and this can be both beneficial and detrimental. I am sorry that you feel that the entire mod body is immature and irresponsible, but I’m sure you can agree that your statement is inaccurately broad…Ereh is one person, and even if he is uncomfortable with your prefix, he is, in fact, one person.

You have done the right thing by bringing your concerns to the forum; but please avoid seeing ‘MCNSA staff’ as one entity. I’d suggest that next time you are online and are being ignored, that you send a private message either to one of the mods, or another player (perhaps Cardinal and above). It takes an effort like Micro’s for a whole server to be unified in picking on someone, and I’m sure you’d feel less victimised if you gave the mod team ‘the benefit of the doubt’.

TL:DR; MCNSA’s ‘staff’ are all unique, none of us are perfect, and overall, the server is much more supportive/friendly than the impression you have taken. 😉