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I haven’t had the opportunity to deal with most of the staff, but I definitely did not say “the entire mod team is irresponsible and immature”

My bad. That would be my over-sensitive lady genes kicking in.

If you tell me “hey, we can treat people the way we want, and there’s nothing you can do about it. And nsan is okay with this”, I’d leave it alone.

We are supposed to treat people well; but this doesn’t always happen. There is plenty you can do about it. 😉

I don’t feel *picked on*. I don’t play victim very well.

When I’m the victim, I’m not playing; I’m literally on fire. Next time you need help, and asking gets no response, all you can do is wait. Or in my case, burn to death at the bottom of a lava pit.

But your statement has somewhat changed my view. I will expect less, but that’s not necessarily a good thing.

Sure it is! At least now you can’t possibly be disappointed. MCNSA is like any other organisation – we have rules, and guidelines, and are supposed to follow both. But, we’re only human. I’m not excusing this sort of behaviour, but it exists, nonetheless.

EDIT: My signature seems particularly appropriate in this scenario. ^__^