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While this is a necro post since someone only just informed me about this. (I don’t frequent the forums much)

I would like to clarify some things if you’re still around. None of this is meant to be in any sort of tone I just want to explain my side of it is all. No hard feelings 😀

1. I like Tana said had a bunch of channels streaming and its a lot of text at once. Half the time I don’t read general cause too much more is going on. Unless you call me out. Or I’m just bored sitting around reading chat.

2. I was actually handling a modreq for Lnx while also being silly with the Ereh Puns. I remember it pretty well. The rollback that we couldn’t stop was griefing everyone essentially and I was spending most my time cleaning up the modreqs related to it.

3. I don’t have a problem with your prefix, the comment is out of context because I derped and didn’t put a /a infront of my text. I was explaining to another mod why you had the “Nothing” Tag. That you had donated and had the Dark Title I believe (I was there when nsan changed it to “Nothing” I also thought it was hilarious). In gist it was that you had gotten your title for donating but thought you would get the title as a rank, so you complained about it and nsan changed it to nothing because you said “I’d rather having nothing than this”

4. I had only noticed your last question of how to start a “ticket” and because earlier on we were discussing PO8 Lottery, wether in the mumble or G I can’t remember I assumed you were asking how to come about getting one of those. and when I asked if that’s what you meant, you never replied back.

With all that said, I’m sorry I wasn’t able to tell you how to preform a modreq. Hope you’re still around and this event didn’t discourage you from continuing to play here.